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  • The ESA Climate Change Initiative: long-term monitoring of our planet with Earth Observation data, Cipollini
  • The Sea State CCI dataset V1.1: Towards a sea state Climate Data Record based on satellite observations, Dodet

Instrumentation and Techniques

  • Observations of waves from drifters: technology and vision for a sustainable global in-situ array, Centurioni
  • Wave height estimation from altimeter measurements, Thibaut
  • Toward monitoring ocean wave activity using seismic stations, Stutzmann
  • Assessing new altimeter algorithms, Quartly
  • On denoising satellite altimeter measurements for geophysical signal analysis, Chapron

Spectral Wave Information

  • Australian IMOS directional ocean swell dataset from SAR, Khan
  • On the use of directional wave spectra to identify distant swells approaching a Pacific atoll, Cagigal
  • Global spectral observation of ocean waves from the CFOSAT satellite mission, Hauser
  • Assessment of the wave spectral characteristics offshore Portugal, Lucas
  • A global sea state dataset from spaceborne synthetic aperture radar wave mode data, Li

Variability and Trends

  • The use of long-term satellite databases to study global wind and wave climate, Young
  • Impact of climate change in the marine environment of the Iberian peninsula, Bernardino
  • Spectral wave climate variability in the Pacific, Rueda
  • Assessing significant wave height in the Northeast Atlantic and the Nordic Seas, Johannessen

Coastal Impacts

  • Importance of wave directionality on coastal storm impacts - past, present and future, Masselink
  • From a regional wave hindcast database to characterization of coastal sediment cells: the case study of Guadeloupe island, Louisor
  • Extracting morphodynamics time scales from drivers and shoreline response, Montano
  • Climate change impacts on the stability of small tidal inlets, Duong

Extreme Sea States

  • Characterization of severe sea-states: present and future wave climate, Menendez
  • North Atlantic extratropical cyclones extreme waves from satellite altimetry observations, Ponce de Leon
  • Wave data from ship class rules perspective, De Hauteclocque

Numerical Hindcasting and Forecasting

  • Description and Validation of the Marine Copernicus Near-Real-Time Wave Products derived from altimetry and SAR measurements, Husson
  • Validation of long term hindcast and squall detection, Renac
  • Sea state from sentinel-1 sar for maritime situation awareness, Pleskachevsky
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